2014 Curtin Robofair

The 2014 Curtin Robofair was held on Sunday the 30th of November 2014 and ran from 10:00 to 14:00.  The crowd seemed pretty consistent all day, with a mixture of interested teenagers, a surprising number of adults and lots of kids enjoying the interactive displays.

I was surprised with the number of a group of really interested and knowledgeable adults.  Turns out a lot of them where either school teachers or librarians who where wanting to know more about the Raspberry Pi computing platform.

Phillip brought along his printer and a demo on how to build a coke can cooking stove:

The 3D printers where kept busy churning out ‘swmakers.org’ luggage tags and as per usual had a lot of people interested in the 3D printing process. 

Parents loved showing the kids Beau’s ‘old fashioned’ rotary dial phone system and the kids loved dialling and chatting.  Also, Beau’s awesome Raspberry Pi powered MAME cabinet was another hit and I don’t think there was quiet for a minute.  He also had his Raspberry Pi powered music system playing in the background.

Stephen brought along his printer, demo 3D printed parts and the big hit was the VR Quad copter display, kids and adults loved it:

I brought along four Raspberry pi based displays:  Endoscope-Pi, Doc-Pi, 3D-Pi and Rainbow-Pi.  The kids loved the endoscope and putting the probe down the demonstration ‘hole in the ground’ which contained an insect at the bottom.

All up there where three floors of displays and more in other buildings next door.

Thanks to Alex, Beau, Phillip, Ross and Stephen for coming together and making it all happen on the day.

PS.  You can see a video and more info on Beau’s page here:  http://bjblaster.homedns.org/blog/?x=entry:entry141201-095507

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