June 2014 Meeting Notes

14/6/2014 13:00-16:00 – Milligan House, Bunbury

Attendees:  Paul Hamilton (PH), Steven Eaton (SE), Phillip Jubb (PJ), Clare Johnston (CJ), Dylan Morris (DM)

Show and Tell:

Paul and Steven brought along their 3d Printers.  Stephen demonstrated 3D printer calibration and showed off his latest print job – a carbon fibre body for his quadcopter.

Paul showed off the Adafruit 2.8″ LCD touchscreen that was running xwindows on a Raspberry Pi.

The output from today’s 3d Printing calibration tests:
The above LH thin wall test was printed in 0.2mm thick PLA, the two smaller RH cubes are printed with 0.4mm carbon fibre filament.

Dylan had a go at printing a 25mm high tree stump:
The next meeting will be on Sat. the 12th of July at the same place.

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