24th May 2014 Meeting

We had two new members come along and introduce themselves.

Show and Tell

PJ and CJ had a long discussion about Aquaponics

SE ran through his plans for quadcopters. Showed printed chassis and explained and demo’d auto pilot unit.  Dillon showed off some software that he was using to re-model a dinosaur.  PH showed off the Rainbow-Pi results.

General Discussion

Discussion about moving forward with the club.

Monthly Meetings – Discussion re meeting monthly. Decision to try monthly meetings as we have funding. If we meet more regularly, we might attract a more consistent membership.

Meeting Place – Discussion how having our own space would encourage a different environment and would also allow use to meet many more times per year. We could have weekly nights and training like the Artifactory. PJ will investigate with some contacts for a free or peppercorn lease on a small unit.

Next Meeting: 14th June 2014 – Milligan House
Thanks to PJ for the meeting notes.

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