SW Makers April Meeting 2016

A big turn out.  We had people designing with FreeCAD, and programming in SWIFT, learning to program Arduinos.

A little bits electronic kit.  Uses magnets to hold everything together:

A member is experimenting with Drylin bearings.  Just plastic on a metal surface, using no lube!  This is his go at it designed to be used on a Bunnings square shaft powder coated aluminium square shaft.  The yellow bearing was printed in PLA.
various parts recently picked up from walking the Shenzhen markets:
There was a freshly built Filastruder extruding 1.75mm ABS.  The yellow and pink vases below where printed using the newly created filament:
10MP Microscope – fresh from Shenzhen.  This gave superb magnified vision and will be very handy for soldering surface mounted parts!
Raspberry Pi powered macro photography rig:
An Acrylic nearly waterproof infra-red Raspberry Pi camera case.  Just waiting on the central glass cover

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