SW Makers October 2016 Meeting

A very busy meeting that flew by.  This was a normal meeting where people brought their various projects along to work on, or just to pop in and see what other people are up too, so you don’t necessarily need to bring something along.

The Delta 3D printer was kept busy printing while there where attempts to get a second hand XBox Kinect working on a Mac laptop:

Here we have a 12V 20A SLA battery de-sulphination board being debuged and tested via an Arduino:

This is going to be a Raspberry-Pi based Camera, with a BerryPi Compass and Adafruit Ultimate V3 GPS.  These are mounted on a 3mm laser cut MDF board – just testing component placement, while waiting for the Ninjaflex feet to be printed out:

A young person was learning how to sew while making a mug mat:

A colourful pencil drawing:
Some ones building a Raspberry Pi based InfraRed CCTV system, using the github.com/ccrisan/motioneye/wiki  SD image:
From what I could find, the Perth firm ‘WA Plastics’ has some of the cheapest laser cutable Acrylic in WA, and have a set of free sample colours to give away:
I didn’t get a photo, but someone else was learning KiCAD circuit and PCB layout.

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