SW Makers November 2016 Meeting

It was nearly a full house.  We had to pull out an extra table so we could fit everyone one in.

First up, my apologies for missing a few peoples projects:  someone is building a Raspberry Pi based water sprinkler system that will have a web based front end, another was experimenting with a Raspberry Pi Astro Hat. 

Stephen was fully kitted out with fresh gear from Shenzhen:  Rigol Oscilloscope, SMD soldering station, dual power supply units and…

a 300W dummy load/programmable battery tester, along with SMD gear, LEDs and a SMD capacitor/resistor tweezers based DM.

The Delta 3D Printer seemed to be busy the whole day:

A quick visit in the morning to the local Jaycar procured some final parts for an Adjustable Power Supply Unit.  Off to the left is a freshly painted laser cut housing for the unit.

Some Shenzhen gear:  SMD parts and storage units, bountiful LEDs, Shenzhen Makers Faire and Maker Block booklets:

There where a few quick tutorials on using a cardboard stencil and embossing machine:

Getting ready for Christmas – running a sheet of cardboard that’s encased in a mould, through a cut and embossing machine:

The final embossed card:

Testing the brains of a home made and designed laser cutter controller:

As well as catching up on some patchwork, a dedicated soul hand rolled 152.5m of silicon covered 26 gauge wire onto a laser cut 35g cardboard spool:

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