SW Makers February 2017 Busselton Meeting

The inaugural SW Makers meeting was held in Busselton on the 24th of February at the Busselton Library.  It was a short two hour demo/intro day to some of the things we get up too and was attended by over 30 people.

The next meeting will start with a public demo at 11:00 on the 25th of March and once the library closes to the general library public at 12:00, we will then start work n some personal projects and maybe offering some help and mentoring for Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects.  There will be more info on this around a week before hand via the groups mailing list.  If your not already on the mailing list, you can join by filling in the form on the websites contact page

Stephen brought along his ‘The Box Box’ 3D printer:

Along with a colourful bunch of previously printed parts:

Euan brought along a prototype of an Arduino Mega based robot that he is working on:

Phillip brought along his Felix 3D printer and had it printing out SW Maker medallions:

Stephen also brought along his CNC machine and some examples of what it can do:

Diane brought along and example of some Tech Fashion.  This generated a lot of discussion about where it’s all heading:

We haven’t seen the DoBot robotic arm out in public for a while:

Esther had her line following Makeblock robot out and running on the floor:

Paul brought along some electronics, a Raspberry Pi based timelapse infra-red photography rig, and a few other parts:

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