SW Makers February 2017 Eaton Meeting

Our first meeting of the year started with our biggest turn out so far.  This was our first meeting at the Eaton Library and it worked out well.  It was exciting to hear of new peoples projects that they have been working.

Dylan picked up a Oculus VR headset over the Christmas break and brought it along for people to explore:

Phillip brought along his 3D Felix printer and printed out a purple bird feeder part:

Stephen brought along a bunch of electronics, 3D scanner, CNC cutter and 3D printer:

Too big to bring along, So Rob showed off some videos of a home built laser cutter, along with some intricate test cuts in various materials:

Kade brought along his Raspberry Pi, that now includes the official RPi 7″ Display.  He was experimenting with the Astro Pi add on hat:

Paul from West Coast Makers came down from Perth with his hybrid rocket, that includes a data logger:

Another Paul brought along an Arduino based SMD Toaster oven reflow controller:

A close up of some of the test PCB’s that have been processed on a laser cutter, and an example reflow LED board:

My apologies to the other people who brought projects along:  paper art, fabric art and the Arduino robot.  It was a busy morning and I didn’t get to photograph everything.

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