SW Makers March 2017 Eaton Meeting

Another good turnout at the Eaton Library, with some interesting new projects and it was lovely to chat with some new found local Makers.

Present, but not photographed:  Esther and Evan brought along two line following Makeblock robot kits for people to program using scratch.  Jaylen and Rhys are working on a M and M colour sorter project and Phillip brought along a Raspberry Pi MAME console, all running a multitude of retro games.

Kade brought along a Raspberry Pi, with three different ‘Hats’.  One being a mini electronic piano:

Rob brought along a his new Arduino based robot that he is building and some new interesting books he’s picked up:

More delicate paper artwork being made:

Stephen brought along his 16 Pi cluster to work on:

As well as a 80W laser tube, so you can see how big they are – 1.2m long!

More fabric art being worked on:

Paul brought along his Raspberry Pi based macro photography rig:

and has finally started designing up a PCB board for Raspberry Pi Zero based camera board:

A big thanks for Rob who designed up and cut out a vinyl sign for the group:

NOTE: due to the April meeting falling on Easter next month, there won’t be a meeting at the Eaton library in April, however, the Busselton meeting will be on the 22nd of April 2017.  See the home page for location and time details

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