SW Makers April 2017 Eaton Meeting

This months Eaton Makers meeting had a real mix of projects being worked on.

Some things that where discussed:

http://hackaday.com/2017/04/07/platformio-and-visual-studio-take-over-the-world/  a new programming IDE that came up last week on Hack-A-Day

http://sirlagz.net/2017/04/03/exagear-deskop-2-0-review/  a Raspberry Pi based addon that allows you to run some Windows based GPU based programs.  
https://eltechs.com/product/exagear-desktop/exagear-desktop-features-and-prices/  it’s not free, but looks promising if you’re  looking to run older Windows games on a RPi.

There was mention of the different 3D CAD packages that we use, here is a list of free-to-use:

No flying inside the Eaton Library, but it comes with a 4K video stream – very nice piece of kit

A very pretty kaleidoscope Raspberry Pi Unicorn Hat

The Pi-Cluster is having an assortment of surface mounted boards created:

A close up of the above boards.  These PCB’s have been milled with a CNC router, then hand soldered:

Someone has a wedding coming up, so some prototype wedding cards where made up:

The ROS based robot is now moving and is currently controlled via a Bluetooth network connection.  It’s being powered form an old laptop battery:

I haven’t seen a spinning wheel in action for quite sometime, but some people where testing it out:

An Arduino Mega being put through it’s paces to see if it still worked – yes, it does:

more patchwork and fabric art being worked on:

A willow tree woven with wool basket was being worked on:

an ePaper/Arduino Nano based Temperature sensor/display:

an order for 10 ePaper displays arrived last week:

I didn’t get any photos for the M & M colour sorter project that was being fleshed out in a 3D CAD program.  Nor the discussion on designing computer game layouts.

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