SW Makers May 2017 Eaton Meeting

There was a lot happening this meeting. Once again, I apologies for missing photographs for people working on:  learning electronics via a kit, 3D doodling, muscle wire, Fusion 360 3D design of a fidget spinner.  There was a discussion around using SigRok for electronic decoding of signals.

Note: Stephen could be running a Fusion 360 CAD tutorial at the Eaton meeting in either July or August.  There will be an announcement via the mailing list closer to the event.  Fusion 360 has a free version for hobbiests, and it can generate files suitable for 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC work.  You can sign up for the mailing list via the above menu CONTACT link.

An M-n-M sorting machine is being designed up:

A Delta 3D Printer getting ready to go:

Playing around with a Windows 10-Arduino based  Latte Pander:

Tying off a quilt:

A 6309 based digital logic analyser is being reverse engineered, complete with ROM contents being disassembled:

Someone has a new computerised paper cutter, that was busy cutting out very intricate shapes:

A home lab has recently been upgraded with a new oscilloscope and function generator:

This spinning wheel has been very busy over the last month:

Below is an example of the different SMD component sizes you can purchase and use in electronics:

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