SW Makers June 2017 Eaton Meeting

At this months meeting we had the President of the SW Science Council and Julie their Project Officer pop in to visit us and see what we get up too.  We had discussions on the various science and Ag. business and community interests around the South West of Western Australia.  We would look forward in holding some public demonstrations of our projects.

Rob brought along an interesting quick project that had sprung out of a recently defunct microwave oven:

At the moment, this is going to be an environmental chamber for growing crystals.  It has a thumping big peltier mounted at the end with a large heatsink (silver block) and fan, with the hope of getting down to -10 degrees and up to 50+ degrees in a controlled manor.

Someone has discovered the colourful 3D Doodling pen, which might have sparked other interest in it too:

Drone with VR googles – no flying inside a library though:

Colourful cards galore:

The Pi Cluster was back on the table:

Along with the Dobot robotic arm:

Some special fabric pens where being tested out:

Lots of electronic projects on the table – the LED driver project is progressing:

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