SW Makers July 2017 Busselton Meeting

Once again, a few library patrons came over to see what was on display.  Only two members could make the meeting, so we had room to spread out and work on our current LED projects.

A flexible  sheet of 64 Neopixel LEDs with the brightness turned down:

That’s not a LED panel, THIS is a LED panel – 256 LEDs, with a string of another 256 LEDs.  It was very memorising to watch waves of rainbow colour wash across it all:

Stephen started playing around with some STM32 development boards.  The battery is a largish 3.7V 2500mA Li-ion:

You can also pick up some cheap WeMOS ESP8266 boards, and various add-ons:

Paul tested out a 3.3V to 5V translator board, so he could drive a string of Neopixels from a ESP8266:

He also experimented with a couple of home made Infr-red LED boards (850nM and 940nM) to see how they worked with a Raspberry Pi camera:

A RPi IR view of the electronics world:

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