SW Makers July 2017 Eaton Meeting

We had a couple of new people pop in and say hello and work on some robotic projects.  We also had the Dardanup Shire President visit us and we talked about IOT technologies, Make Spaces, education and his vision of the future for the Shire of Dardanup. 

Stephen showed off the Nano and Tetra Pineapple WiFi www.wifipineapple.com/ scanners, as well as his HackRF One SDR receiver:

He also programmed up his new Nextion programmable LCD:

His ESP8266 based Sonoff IOT power switch recently arrived:

Need a 180 degree USB adaptor?  Well they exist:

There was a Makeblock tank robot kit stripped down, rebuilt and running autonomously around the library floor:

Someone has a new metallic foil transfer machine, which produces some snazzy looking cards:

and there was a great textured/embossed card:

A new member seeing what we where up too, drove home and picked up their Mindstorm robot kit and started the build of a book issuing robotic system:

Diane has finished her Sashiko table runner:

and Sashiko rice stitch cloth:

My Raspberry Pi based pollinator /flower time-lapse camera rig was dusted off, ready for another season of winter use:

Version 2.2 of my home made ESP8266 based LED driver board was being tested out – now 6mm shorter than Ver: 2.1:

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