SW Makers October 2017 Eaton Meeting

..It’s starting to feel like a summer might actually happen here in the SW of WA.  We skipped the last Busselton meeting due to the long weekend, so it seemed like we hadn’t caught up for over two months.  There was lots to catch up on.

Here are some links to things that where discussed:

BangGood has some cheap  2020 T-Slot lengths for sale:

They also have some cheap-ish screw shafts and supports:

There is quite a range to check out:  There should be some anti-backlash screw houses around as well:

Less than A$7.00, including shipping for a nifty component tester:

Voltage Reference board:

Now, on with some project photos…

Stacy has created a range of pop-up cards – just in time for xmas:

Rob is working on a Laser scanner/Laser engraver.  Below is the Laser engraver section – behind is the beginnings of a Load Tester project:

A handy Arduino compatible LED display:

Matthew was building a new walking robot:

Diane has designed and constructed a new jacket:

Component Tester (link above) – note how it’s figured out the MOSFET pin arrangements:

The LED driver board prototypes have grown.  Here they are arranged from Ver 1.0 to 2.4:

Some experiments with high speed data line voltage translators:

Current version of the LED Driver board in colourful action:

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