SW Makers December 2017 Eaton Meeting

The last meeting for 2017, so it was great to have a final catch-up with everyone.  It’s been a busy year, with many interesting  projects being worked on and displayed at our meetings.

Rob’s latest project is a dual voltage/current adjustable power supply unit that’s being housed in a computer case:

Below he is testing out the final controller circuit:

Love the layout of the controller board:

And the documentation that goes with it:

Matt is building a new Mindstorm rover, that’s nearly ready to roll:

Diane has just finished knitting up a white rabbit:

And making two new dresses with fabric from Shenzhen:

Stacy has been busy finishing off her Christmas cards:

Below is a close up of a punched out card detail:

This has led to a lot of spare card stock cutouts – soo many possibilities:

One of the new things in the Shenzhen LED building was what they called gel filled RGB LED strips.  Below I have it running in a rainbow pattern.  All very colourful!:

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