SW Makers February 2018 Eaton Meeting

The first meeting of the year introduced some new faces and projects to the group.  It was great to see the progress people made over the Christmas break!

Below is a WiFi enabled home power meter:

A few different home designed and made WiFi sensor boards:

Matt had his rover up and running around the floor.  Too fast to photograph properly:

Rob’s dual power supply is nearly finished:

And has built his own milli-ohm meter from a kit:

Stacy is now experimenting with fold out 3D cards:

Below is a close-up of the garden card:

Oh, and the lighthouse does light up:

Stephen brought along a CNC jog wheel to solder up, but there was too many things going on:

Diane spent the morning heat setting some of the Shenzhen Makers Faire art quilt squares that people drew up:

But she has a LOT more to do:

Everyone attending the 2018 Sydney Linux Conference revived a Tomu USB based micro-controller.  The white 3D printed enclosures are next to it.  This is about the size of a 1 cent coin:

This robot was assembled during the hardware workshop day at the 2018 Sydney Linux Conference:

The LED driver board now has some single LED daughter boards:

Still have to have some colourful LEDs on display:

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