SW Makers March 2018 Eaton Meeting

It was great to see a new person swing by to ask about how to get into electronics.  The Dardanup Shire President popped in for a chat and an update on the new Shire building process and possible Makespace.

Stephen showed of some new IoT LoRaWAN gear that he will be installing soon:

Stephen has also been out flying quad copters and testing out mapping and creating point clouds:

As well as 3D imagery:

Phillip was writing programs for his environmental WeMOS sensor platform:

WeMOS and a Raspberry Pi:

Rob was comparing two different milli-ohm meters:

Stacy has branched out into 3D card making:

Going Sailing?  There is a card for that:

A baby girl?  Yep, that too:

Diane couldn’t make the meeting, but she has a story about unicorns and zebras merging to become a unizebra:

Eunny’s (met at Shenzhen Maker Fair) 3D Printed unizebra:

Paul’s LED cabling samples have expanded:

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