SW Makers June 2018 Eaton Meeting

It was great to catch up with everyone and see their current projects.

Rob is now into the software stage of his automated Cat feeder:

A close-up of the main board – Arduino Nano at top, bottom LH: a DF Player Mini – MP3 Player, bottom RH: Tiny RTC

Every Cat feeder needs an OLED display:

Stacy has been experimenting with embossing thin aluminium sheet:

and onto cardstock, filled in with hand painting:

At the Sydney Linux Conference, Diane found someone with a sample of reflective ribbon, so she ordered her own roll of it.  She had a go at quickly knitting up a test patch:

But hang on, I thought this was meant to be reflective?  For that you need a light source behind you.  Here it is with a flash turned on:

I now have four PCB’s back from Shenzhen:

and have been experimenting with some new Laser cutting software:  Light Burn   This is under active development.  Here I have been playing around with some example packaging for a PCB:

Some example RGB LED boards have been made up:

and the Reflow Oven controller board has been assembled:

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