SW Makers August 2018 Eaton Meeting

A lot going on at the August meeting.

Some things discussed:

  • http://bitsavers.org/   old computer software and manuals.  There has been a few discussions of how we could host a retro computer display.
  • https://pi-top.com/   you buy a laptop frame and install your own Raspberry pi brains
  • http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/events.html   Ardupilot conference in Suzhou, China in Oct.
  • https://lightburnsoftware.com/   Light Burn Laser cutter software
  • https://www.felixprinters.com/   Felix 3D Printers

Stephen brought along his 3D printer to work on and do some test printing:

Although small, it’s a very cute vase:

MDF laser cut storage boxes that utilise a living hinge:

and a laser cut crank powered marble tower:

Stacy was working on a unicorn card:

Steve brought along a lot of different electronic projects, including the nifty Pi-Top laptop:

experimenting with Bluetooth communications:

Arduino based breadboard:

240V AC Mains voltage monitoring via a wireless connection:

Diane continued on with her micro-mosaics:

Rob’s been working on updating his home built laser cutter.  It’s too big to bring in, but he brought along some interesting books:

more info on the above books:

My Soldering Skill Test PCB recently arrived, so I cracked out the trusty soldering iron and got to work:

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