SW Makers December 2018 Eaton Meeting

There where no photos or notes taken from the October and November meetings, however we are back on track for the December meeting.  This was the final meeting for 2018 and it was great to see a new person come along and introduce themselves.  There were lots of discussions around CNC machines and processes, wireless sensors, travelling China and more.

For those interested in Open Source Software and Open Hardware, there are two interesting conferences coming up:

  • https://linux.conf.au/  it’s a yearly conference that is held in a different location each year. Lots of hardware and software talks.  You can check out the past videos of most talks.
  • https://2019.fossasia.org/   two of us recently attended a three day event in Shenzhen China.  I will be going to the Singapore event in March as well.

Rob has been busy practising his SMD soldering techniques with this Banggood PCB:

Stewart brought along a few projects he’s been working on – A small wireless sensor transmitter board:

and a WEMOS based wireless receiver:

Diane has created a scarf that has embeded reflective tape woven into it.  It only shows up when it’s under a strong light like a camera flash:

My simple Li-ion battery charger break-out PCB has arrived back from China.  Three panels of 7 PCB’s (five shown), cost only A$14.57, which includes shipping.  This was made by Seeed:

While in China I helped teach soldering at the November Beijing ‘Hack-in-The-Box’ security conference. I was fortunate to be given a conference badge:

Diane and I attended the Shenzhen ‘FOSS Asia’ conference, where I purchased a Open Source/Hardware Pocket Science Lab board that comes in a Arduino Mega format – https://pslab.io/:

One thing I was looking for in Shenzhen was some 0201 sized LED’s, but they turned out to be expensive, and came with a 30 day waiting time as everyone was out of stock!  Instead I purchased some 0603 and 0805 sized Pink LED’s, here is a 0805 one lit up:

Then there are the general bunch of other goodies that one buys when in China:

I missed taking some photos of some other peoples projects and work.

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