SW Makers February 2019 Eaton Meeting

A great turnout for the first meeting of 2019.  We had a few new people showing up with projects to talk about and work on.  Below are some links on products and things that where discussed.

https://www.mosaicmfg.com/products/palette-2   Palette Pro 2 splicing kit

https://www.catphones.com/en-us/features/integrated-thermal-imaging/   Phone based FLIR camera

https://www.melexis.com/en/product/MLX90640/Far-Infrared-Thermal-Sensor-Array  Cheep MLX90640 32×24 pixel long-IR sensor

https://bsidesperth.com.au/  Annual Perth Security Conference

https://www.instructables.com/id/WIFI-CONTROLLED-RC-PLANE/   Build your own WiFi RC controlled plane

https://jeelabs.org/2018/retrocomputing-on-f407/  Z80 and CP/M OS emulation on a STM32 board.

https://www.freetronics.com.au/   supplier of Arduino kits and other electronics

https://papersignals.withgoogle.com/  Google Paper Signals

https://www.flightradar24.com/build-your-own   Build your own Raspberry Pi based plane tracker

A new member brought along some conference badges that he and  some other people have created and hand soldered together:

A work in progress…

These colour LCD’s are very nifty:

WeMOS with CNC routed out acrylic base – with RGB LED:

Phillip brought along his 3D printer to do some test prints and re-calibrate:

Andrew brought along a nifty CAT Android FLIR phone.  Yes, it has a built in FLIR long wave Infra-red camera permanently built in – very cool.  Here we are discussing some 3D printer issues:

and a close up of the Felix ver: 3.1 3D Printer in action:

I like how there is a suitable mix of normal photography  + edge detection, all over layed onto the FLIR photo.  Below, is a HP monitor 19V PSU lying on the floor:

unfortunately a member copped a bee sting in a finger while outside.  Even after applying an ice pack, it’s kind of easy to see which finger was bitten::

Stephen’s just picked up a Mosaic – Palette Pro 2 a four filament in-line splicer unit for his Felix 3D Printer.  We are all looking forward to seeing it in action and the results:

Rob’s been designing up a car monitoring PCB:

all in KiCAD:

There was some colourful bead work going on as well:

Stacy has had a 19″ dead HP LCD monitor re-purposed as a light table for her bead work.  Here it is with the light off:

This iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice.  It’s quite bright:

Stephen brought along an $80 drone.  It has a built in HD fixed camera and can record video and fly for 7-8 minutes and comes in a nifty carry case AND includes a controller:

of course we had to flash it up and check out the video feed:

He is also working on building a RC WiFi based cheap plane:

The SW Maker SMD Soldering Challenge kit was doing the rounds:

some work is going on a butterfly release mechanism:
lastly there is a STM32 based board that’s going to be used as a Z-80 emulator, to run the CP/M OS:

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