SW Makers March 2018 Busselton Meeting

A quiet meeting.

Diane brought along some dresses she has made:

Diane wanted to scan in all her fabric squares that people had drawn and written on at the 2017 Shenzhen Makers Faire:

To do this, she used the Doc-Pi camera rig:

And by closing the glass lid, automaticly kicked off the LEDs and photography process:

Doc-Pi is a Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi Camera and Display  based system.  Below is a view of the electronics board and 3D printed stands from behind the RPi:

Once the photo has been taken, a OpenCV based Python script locates the block edge:

this can then be applied to the photo:

Then the internal edges can be excluded:

From the rough block edge outline, you can find each of the four corners (green box):

Next the block image can be cut out, auto-rotated horizontal, resized and saved to a USB flash drive:

A special voltage reference board was used to compare different multimeter’s, across four different voltages.  The worst meter, was the $7.00 yellow meter, at 0.3%, with the best at 0.05% out.  Both are not too bad.

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