SW Makers July 2019 Eaton Meeting

It was great to catch up with everyone again after a few months travelling and visiting Maker Spaces across Asia.

There where no photos taken at the April and May meetings.  Unfortunately only one photo was taken at the June meeting and its displayed directly below – James’s 3rd hand:

Unfortunately, most of us seemed to have left important gear at home, but a 3D printer was present – just not printing:

From tiny coloured plastic, big beautiful things grow:

A 9 year olds first sewing practice.  Patches went onto a scarf:

 4.2″ e-Paper display is only 1.3mm thick:

This Raspberry Pi 3 boots up with out a display working properly.  Thanks to Phillip for the loan cables the spare RPi to help diagnose the issue:

A very colourful LCD (ST7735) in full flight:

The butterfly release was back, but missing a controller:

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