SW Makers August 2019 Eaton Meeting

Great to see some other people coming in to say hello and see what we are up too.

there were some interesting discussions around mobile phone Apps, GPS Spoofing, 3D Printing, network troubleshooting using phone apps and SQL coding.

A webcam mount design and initial print – love the colour:


Vase test print:

Rob brought along his new book:  Leonardo’s Notebook.  This guy was very prolific with his projects:

Lots of late night knitting?

Someone has purchased a new sewing machine and was too busy reading the manual to start with beading:

Diane finished her cross stitch:

A nameless badge has been given a new lease of life with some modifications:

A Bernina bobbin can now be attached to a thread spool:

The e-paper Data Display now has a 3D printed housing:

An early prototype of a mobile phone gaming rig.  It lets the user collect geo-location data along with game data:

and a handy Pygame interface has been written for the above rig:

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