SW Makers September 2019 Eaton Meeting

A small meeting, but lots of different conversations going on at the September meeting.

Someone forgot a 10 year old HP laptop power supply and another member said they have one of those in the car, and a minute later he was up and working.  He found that TinkerCAD now host a virtual Raspberry and Arduino section on their website.  This means you can be playing around writing code and testing it out with having to purchase any hardware – very cool.  Alternatively, you can test it out on-line while waiting on newly purchased hardware to arrive.

Phillip printed out a replacement spool holder (long peg of red plastic sticking out the lower RH side of printer).  The broken one is on the table below:

No photos, but we had members doing their Cybersecurity homework, others working in TinkerCAD designing electrical circiuts and another knitted up a full length scaf.

Some other things going on….

A SW Maker luggage tag:

The mobile gaming rig now has a 3D printed servo mount for a stylus and sports a Raspberry Pi 2GB computer:

A tiny 5mm long photo-interuptor sensor:

A Raspberry Pi powered Bubblator Art project in the making:

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